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Tuning in

This past Easter Sunday, I finally saw flowers coming up and thus the arrival of spring! Little buds of green, alongside wood anemone, made me feel hopeful again, here in Sweden. And, as if this beauty wasn't enough, a bright yellow butterfly just flew past me, on my walk. Could you imagine if I could take a photo of it, to my Instagram? I could have just held my camera open a little while longer. Darn it! I thought...

The day after, I saw it again, at the same spot, at the same time. God, are you joking with me? Nonetheless no photo. I didn't have time to get my phone out from my pocket. The third day, I walked with my camera on, ready at any given moment, when it just felt wrong, and of course then I didn't see it. But, yesterday it showed itself again, flying away over a big field of grass... Maybe?

Bingo! Today, I captured it, even after fumbling. I have been taking notes of how I approach it. To tune in to nature, we must first feel one with Mother Earth. Walk with humility, not taking anything for granted, and have a loving purpose. So often, our Egos come in between; we want something, just to have it, because we think we deserve it, or we want to show off a little. But then, we'll most likely encounter resistance. I'm so grateful to get a photo of it. Butterflies to me are sacred, as signs of spirits, as symbols of transformation and vulnerable beauty, and as part of inspiration to dance Isadora Duncan. Thank you!

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