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What is creativity?

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Anything that you make yourself Is a creative result. It can also be how you are making something - a method. For it to be considered creative, it has to be something unique and preferably new. Most often it's a combination of things that becomes a new result. But just making something, is indeed also creative.

Examples of creativity can be:

* To make a recipe

* To bake a cake or make a meal

* To paint a room

* To build something

* To exercise a craft, such as knitting a cardigan or making a flower arrangement

* To draw

* To make your own melody

* To create your own choreography

* To write something coming from yourself, whether prose, poetry, lyrics or a play

* To design a piece of furniture, a house, a garden, clothes, bags, shoes or jewellery

* To saw a piece of clothing or any other item

* To decorate in homes, offices and stores

How do you become more creative? The foundation for creativity is most often, simply a need to solve a problem. The solution is usually a result of creativity.

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