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From seed to harvest

There is something deeply satisfying to see something to fruition. I love the pleasure of production. To plan a project, produce it, and complete it with a show. A project thus, has a defined scope with a clear deadline for completion. This is one of my motivational drivers in advertising; to see my copywriting and ideas become printed and published, for the benefit of various companies and their brands. And to perform on stage with acting or dancing. I also love to bake a cake, now and then.

And it's the same with lifecoaching. You set an intention, that is the seed, and a goal, which is the harvest. Then the action steps you need to take to get this done, is the production phase.

The question on a more existential level, is whether we can claim our work in various conflicts. Which are the seeds we plant for others, with our actions and intentions? And what if you are reaping what someone else intended? And how much is a team effort?

You're welcome to contact me for a coaching session to boost your creativity.

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