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Family karma

While I have been a spiritual seeker, since the mid 90's, it has mostly been a fumble in the dark, with beliefs to examine, after having a couple of lucid dreams and an out-of-body experience. But it wasn't until I lived in Hawaii 2004-05 and 2010-12, that my spirituality blossomed into actual acceptance and grounding. And, thanks to the Hawaiian take on it, I now have two sets of beliefs, with a greater understanding of how we can look at life and use this for healing. And it keeps expanding!

This past year, I have at times sensed a subtle presence of my passed on paternal grandfather. His face as young and happy, has appeared to me, especially once when I learned that someone had lit a fire on a restaurant, just to be allowed to have a new psychiatric evaluation made, something resonating with my own situation, where I have been slandered into submission. Since Åke, my grandfather, was a fire chief, this became a natural association. And today, I made a new insight.

It struck me, that there might be something called "Family karma", ie the reward of doing good deeds spread also to the next generation, just like, I assume, the bad. Perhaps, we're so tied that we simply always will be displaying a continue of the past, unless we change it, or reaping a reward as a harvest of their planting. This in turn, fits perfectly together with the Hawaiian forgiveness prayer and process, called "Ho'oponopono", where the prayer includes our ancestors. Do we need to follow the same path, ie: Do we have a collective purpose within our family history?

Åke was also my first inspiration, when it comes to developing my spirituality.

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